Teaching the Faith

Permeating my faith into my teaching practice is extremely important to me.  It is my privilege as an educator in a catholic school division to be able and encouraged to do so.

Here are some examples of my faith journey as it applies to my teaching:

My Philosophy on Catholic Education.  Click here to view from my Teaching Portfolio.

Displays in my classroom such as this bulletin board ushering in the New Year.

Insert Valentine's Photo: We love Because He First Loved Us

Our prayer corner.  Our book of prayers sits here also.  The students take turns with other students in the school praying over the intercom.  I use this as a literacy teaching opportunity, asking that students choose their own prayer from this book and practice printing it out using their best printing.  Not only does this allow them time to reflect on the prayer through writing but lets them practice the words so that when it comes time to deliver the prayer orally, they are confident in their speech.

Our Morning Meetings, explained more fully by clicking here, includes the creation and recitation of our class creed which includes many principles supported by scriptures.  These include:  "We do respect", "We do the truth", "We do sharing", "We do good deeds", "We pray", "We do good sportsmanship", "We do everyone fits in".

Our morning meeting also includes a time where I have taught them how to spontaneously pray for our classmates, school and community for the needs determined on that day.
There's a lot going on on this board but I'm referring to the Prayer Square where we add prayer requests or praise items

In our Social Studies unit on India - specifically global citizenship - I facilitated an exciting discussion on what our class could do improve the quality of life for some Indian people.  Through some research we determined to donate a loonie each to purchase a set of chickens for a family through Gospel for Asia.  The students not only raised the required funds in a day from their own allowances, but ended up raising enough for a set of rabbits as well! 

In addition, I was pleased to find short videos of Pastor Chris' fascinating journey through India at http://mypassporttoindia.org/trailer/ and our own local pastor Julian from the Evangelical Free Church in Bow Island was one of the guests of our PBL Expert panel - In Touch with India.  Both offered unique Christian perspectives to this study.

Our School offers many opportunities for the entire school body to congregate together in fellowship.   I am actively involved in assemblies where we separate into school families to do seasonal liturgical activities. 

Other aspects to how I teach the faith can be found in my Teaching Portfolio page 3: My Classroom is Safe and Caring.

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