Practicing the Faith

Although I have gone to church all my life, having been raised in a Christian family, it was only after I decided to make my faith my own and raise my own children in the church, that I really felt driven (and confident enough) to become involved and use my gifts for the greater good.

I have been the Junior Church coordinator for the last three years which serves the young families of our church and those with small children visiting.  My duties include choosing appropriate resources, planning the curriculum and coordinating lessons for 10 months of the year.  These lessons fall during the adult sermon as it is difficult for children ages 3-7 to sit quietly for the hour long sermon. Although I teach a fair number myself I am in charge of scheduling the remaining Sundays to volunteers that have asked to be part of this ministry. During the summer I schedule more informal sessions that involve movies, outside time and stories.

Oftentimes I will also be involved in leading short object lessons before the dismissal of Junior church. This is in front of the entire congregation often demonstrating or talking about the scripture our pastor will be referring to later on for the adults, but in children's terms. 

I am also very passionate about our church's annual marriage retreat, which is offered to couples of any age to encourage time of reflection and bonding in a safe (and beautiful mountainous) atmosphere guided by our Senior Pastor and some sort of video bible study series.  My husband and I have attended every year and I have taken on some organizational duties as part of it.  Please read my posts below for further explanation.

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