Saturday, 11 April 2015

Welcome to My Online Faith Portfolio. I'm Glad You're Here!

I struggled with whether or not to create this portfolio online or not.
Faith is a personal subject.
It is a journey.  I deliberately chose my background page to reflect this.
There are many stops and starts, arrivals and departures along the way.
This portfolio will never be finished in the sense that my faith is dynamic, ongoing, weak at times and strong during others.  While the amount of evidence I include has a finite number attached, my hope is that what I have included gives you a good enough understanding of my faith that you can rest assured knowing that my faith is found on solid principles that will not "wash away in the floods".

In the end I decided to do this portfolio online for two reasons.

1) I believe in contributing to the greater good. If my portfolio, its format or its contents, can help anyone in the future in creating their own, it has been well worth the effort and the vulnerability.  There is a far greater chance that my digital portfolio will accomplish this rather than a paper copy that sits on my shelf.

2) Just as my faith is ever-changing, so too can this digital portfolio. Modifying and adding to an online digital document is easier for me to do than locating a binder, printing or editing and adding sections to a hard copy. In this vein, I hope to keep this portfolio current and add to it as the opportunity presents.

Thank you for taking the time to journey with me.  Our destination is sure to be glorious!

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